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Our History

More than 38 years in the industry

We started as a company that develops real estate projects, mainly industrial, in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, in April 1984. We were practically pioneers in the development of the maquiladora industry, because when we started, it was still in a very early stage. We started the company with many limitations, as our initial capitalization was only $50,000.00 USD, which the founder of the company, Juan Alvarez Gottwald, obtained from a second mortgage on his house.

Inicialmente comprábamos edificios existentes los cuales reparábamos y remodelábamos a manera que fueran útiles para la industria. Así, partiendo de una base muy precaria, fuimos creciendo hasta llegar a el momento de construir Naves diseñadas exprofeso para la industria, que en un inicio construíamos con block de cemento. Sin embargo, con un espíritu siempre empresarial e innovador, fuimos la primera empresa en Cd. Juarez de edificar naves industriales bajo el sistema constructivo “tilt up”.

During the nineties we had a stage of great expansion and in 1992 the Group acquired the company Everco de México and with it an important property located in Cd. Satélite, which is still part of the group. Shortly after, in 1994 we acquired the Ansell company, changing its name to Axiom, S.A. de C.V., which has become the most dynamic and important company in the Group.

As in the 1990s, our companies are experiencing a stage of great expansion due to the new North American trade agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, at the same time that the United States begins to reorganize its supply chains. because it now sees China as a geopolitical adversary instead of a trading partner.

From our modest beginnings to date, 38 years later, during which we have experienced countless economic crises, both in the country and internationally, as well as other adversities, we have managed to consolidate a company with a solid present and a bright future.

Our vision for the future has 3 aspects. We want to continue growing in the area of industrial real estate with continued emphasis on Cd. Juarez, but also expanding to the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Querétaro and El Paso Texas, where we believe we have certain strengths that allow us to compete. The second aspect is to develop ourselves in some way in the hospital area, making use of our competitive advantages in the construction area. The third aspect, one that we see as more distant at the moment, is to develop innovative construction systems for application in the popular class housing area.

Our team recognizes that each client requires unique adaptations and we are prepared to develop creative solutions for each one. We build to fit and modify existing properties, staying on budget and on schedule.

After 38 years in the industry, our team's experience is second to none. We take pride in maintaining relationships with our clients and providing them with a variety of real estate options. We have accumulated a great deal of knowledge in the local real estate market, thanks to our sense of responsibility and commitment.

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